About Best Computer Accounting

Computer accounting is an incredibly huge topic with a wide range of software and hardware technologies.


There are now incredibly sophisticated software system features that allow accountants to implement wide scale accounting changes in a tiny fraction of the previous time—assuming they know how to use the system to its optimal advantage.


There are also simple computer accounting systems for those companies that are still making their earliest forays into computer and software-based accounting.


We’re Here for the Little Guy….Mostly

First and foremost, we want to help the small business owner who might otherwise be intimidated by the prospect of making the switch to accounting software. For the younger generation of business folk, it can be surprising all the kinds of old-fashioned accounting systems out there.


It’s one thing to use Excel spreadsheets as a rudimentary information database that gets transferred to end-of-year tax forms once a year. We’ve also talked to and seen some older business owners who still use paper accounting methods.


This is our primary audience—people who need general information clearly explained so that they can get past the inertia of switching from an outdated system without having 12 different things go haywire.


Still, we also envision this space as an opportunity and forum to discuss other aspects of computer accounting software. If you have simple enough accounting needs, free or very low-cost software applications may be all you need.


Larger businesses with more complex accounting needs are more frequently investing in custom computer software tailored for their business’s specific, yet convoluted, accounting rules and financial priorities.


Stay tuned as we look to offer more thoughts about computer accounting.