TROY Checkwriting Software Overview

TROY Checkwriting Softwareâ„¢ is a Windows-based laser check printing software application that interfaces with most accounting systems to allow on-demand check printing. TROY Checkwriting Software assists check issuers with printing checks in a secure, flexible and cost effective manner.

Most accounting systems allow check printing only on pre-printed check forms. With TROY Checkwriting Software, checks can be printed complete with MICR line, secure amount fonts and encrypted digital signatures on blank security check paper.

TROY Checkwriting Software provides a cost-effective and secure solution for on-demand check printing of any type of check including accounts payable, payroll, commission and refund checks using any standard desktop laser printer equipped with a MICR toner cartridge.

This is a secure check printing solution for payment processing. The check printing process occurs by merging payment details from your accounting system with pre-configured check templates within TROY Checkwriting Software.

You control the configuration and layout of an unlimited number of bank accounts, eliminating the inconvenience and expense of maintaining stocks of preprinted check forms.

TROY Checkwriting Software runs on an IBM compatible PC under Windows 2000, XP & NT, and its easy-to-use interface makes it compatible with almost all accounting systems.  For additional security we recommend TROY security enhanced MICR laser printers.